Breeze Energy - 100% pure, clean Texas wind

They were green before there was a word for green.

While most wind power companies are owned by big energy corporations, Breeze Energy is owned by two guys from Texas: Walter Hornaday and John Spicer. Two guys who don’t do green wind energy because it’s the “in thing” to do. They do it because being green is who they are.

Walter Hornaday

Back when he was studying for his degree in engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, Walter Hornaday told his professor that he wanted to write his master’s thesis on wind power. He was promptly told to quit working on “sugary, tree hugging ideas” and get serious about his career. Though he shelved the project, he later combined his Engineering background with his fundamental belief that, as citizens of this planet, it is our responsibility to find sustainable sources of electrical power for our communities. And in 1991, he started a company dedicated to rebuilding and repairing small wind turbines for farmers and small businesses in rural Texas.

Building on his success, in 1998 Walter established Cielo Wind Power LLC to focus on large-scale wind power developments — while maintaining his philosophy to do no harm to the environment. Cielo has led the wind power industry in Texas by setting the standard on how to build wind projects with minimal impact on both nature and agriculture. Today, Cielo is the largest and most successful independent wind company in the U.S. and continues to focus solely on the wind power industry.

John Spicer

A background in mechanical engineering and an MBA from Texas A&M led John Spicer to an Origination and Business Development position at a major traditional energy corporation. Purchasing wind energy for the company made him realize that there’s got to be a better way.

John saw that Texas is blessed with an enviable amount of the renewable resource, having the potential to produce more wind energy than any other state. But he also saw that no one in Texas was truly committed to wind power. The big energy companies were cancelling out the benefits of their wind energy farms with non-stop acquisitions of coal and nuclear power plants. To John, it was unconscionable to not take full advantage of this abundant, natural resource for the people of Texas. So he contacted his friend Walter Hornaday and they created Breeze Energy.

Together, Walter and John have made an ongoing commitment to provide 100% clean, green Texas wind energy at an affordable price, competitive with the big fossil fuel energy companies. In a state with enough wind power to meet more than 18 times Texans' current electricity needs, they won’t do coal, they won’t do gas and they won’t do nuclear energy.

The two men behind Breeze also believe in giving back. Breeze Energy has a strong and growing education program, providing scholarships, and grants to Texas students and enrichment programs to their schools.