Breeze Energy - 100% pure, clean Texas wind

Welcome to the wind generation.

There's more wind energy in Texas than any other state, so it's only natural that it be affordable
for all Texans. At Breeze, we promise to deliver 100% pure, clean Texas wind energy to your
home or business – at the same rates other providers charge for regular energy. Being green
has never been easier.

Making wind affordable for all.

Whether you are a residential or business customer, whether you want to lock in a fixed rate or
pay as you go, Breeze has affordable pricing that meets or beats regular energy plans.

Not all green plans are created equal.

At Breeze Energy, we don't just offer a green plan or two. We're totally, 100% green. We don't do
coal or nuclear. And we never will. As for the leading green providers? Their parent companies
actually generate over 80% of their electricity from non-renewable and polluting sources
such as coal, gas and nuclear plants. They claim to be "dedicated to" or "exclusively"
green, but they are anything but. At Breeze, we source 100% of our energy from Texas wind farms.